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for 10 days

  • Minimum Deposit $20
  • Maximum Deposit $499
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for 10 days

  • Minimum Deposit $500
  • Maximum Deposit $2,499
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for 10 days

  • Minimum Deposit $2,500
  • Maximum Deposit $6,499
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  • Minimum Deposit $6,500
  • Maximum Deposit $200,000
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What is passive income?

There is no better source of income than that which comes from a passive origin. Basically, this type of income doesn't require a lot of effort and time to maintain. All you have to do is set it up and watch funds deposited to your SolidCrypto account increases for as long as possible.
There are many passive income examples such as renting a property, writing a book, affiliate marketing, peer to peer lending, and so much more. Also known as progressive income, the earner, in this case, doesn't have to contribute enormously to the activity so that they can generate profits.

about SolidCrypto

What comes to your mind when you think about passive income? According to us, we picture a river with many sources that ensure it flows throughout all seasons. Ten years ago, we came together as a group of 5 specialists in some of the most lucrative passive income categories and built a great team. And because we have always considered passive income to be a river, we decided to call our company SolidCrypto.
Reasons to Choose Us Allow us to introduce you to the concept of SolidCrypto in regard to passive income. Your geography teacher used to say that many tributaries usually feed rivers if you can remember. As a result, it will never run dry when one source gets blocked. This is the same case with SolidCrypto. Five years ago, when we came together as a group, we brought in different types of passive income specialists. Years after embracing this river method, we can testify that it's the most guaranteed way of generating passive income. As smart investors, we never invest all our money in one place. We also don't risk putting our money on a passive income idea without analyzing its ability to bring long term rewards.
Who are We and What Do We Do? Here at SolidCrypto, we can help set up your river source and watch income flow downstream. By taking advantage of our investment services, you can create multiple sources of income and achieve financial freedom.


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